“This is the finest endodontist–for that matter any dental care I have ever received. The commitment to care and explanations are outstanding. Thanks for the excellent care by the entire staff” -Betty N.

“Dr. Cheikh’s approach was professional, kind, and gentle. I am now pain free, and very confident in her gifted abilities. Her staff is an extension of her qualities. Many thanks to Dr. Cheikh and her staff” -Living Pain Free, Diana N.

“Who would have ever thought that a root canal would be such a pleasant, painless experience. That was exactly what happened when I was referred to Dr. Cheikh. The level of treatment and care was extraordinary. Her offices are bright and inviting, the mood relaxed, calm, and peaceful. She had all of the most modern technical equipment to handle any emergency, from the latest x-ray equipment to the microscopes and video monitors. I look forward to seeing her any time for further endodontic treatment.” – Sincerely, Grace S.

“Dr. Cheikh is a top expert in her field. She has conducted years of research in dentistry as well as taught in one of the nations top universities. Her work is thorough and detailed. Dr. Cheikh is sensitive to her patients’ needs and is able to communicate medical terminology in a non-threatening manner, putting her patients at ease.” -Alexandra S.

“I initially met Dr. Cheikh many years ago when I was having emergency gum surgery in San Francisco. Even though I was dubious at the time, Dr. Cheikh immediately put me at ease and reassured me that everything would work out just fine, which of course, it did. Her knowledge of dentistry, her caring and sensitive manner, and her fun personality have earned her my “favorite dentist in the world” title. I would highly recommed Dr. Cheikh for all your dental needs.” -Maryann H.

“This was my first positive experience at a dentist in over 20 years. Very caring!” -Dolores C.